Friday, June 10, 2005

Sink and Ceiling (photos)

Some photos of progress on the interior up to the time of this post.

Looking at the north half of the house (minus the den to the right). From left to right:
front hall, bathroom, kitchen sink area, kitchen. All tiled.

The front hall and door before the ceiling went in.

5" cedar tongue-and-groove (T&G), finished
with linseed oil, drying on the porch.

Looking at the hallway from the front hall with the ceiling installed.
The black "box" on the far wall is the exhaust duct for the
wood buring cookstove that will be moved into place soon.

The kitchen sink is cast iron and was found in the old garage. It
has a few dings, but is very servicable. Open shelving will be
installed over it as drying racks and storage for just washed items.
The sink is located close to the water heater (20 gallon marine
type in the ceiling/attic area) and in a nook so dirty dishes can
remain somewhat hidden from view.

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