Friday, June 10, 2005

Bathroom Done (photos)

The bathroom is complete. It is hard to photograph being about the minimum possible size for a bathroom with a tub at 5' x 7'. Here is the ingredients list:

  • Matte white subway tile from Pratt and Larson, Portland, Oregon.
  • Tub is a vintage, 1930s cast iron built-in. $75 used from the ReBuilding Center, Portland, Oregon
  • Wall lamps circa 1930 from Hippo's, Portland, Oregon. $100 the pair.
  • Mirror frame is an old window found in the woods on the property. $9 for the mirror glass.
  • Sink was found on the property. Delta faucet about $90 at Home Depot or Lowe's.
  • Tile floor is my own pattern. Not as hard as it looks. The tiles come in 1' x 2' sheets in black or white, and the small area (about 20 square feet) made it more affordable. Again from Pratt and Larson. A shop well worth visiting.
  • Toilet is a Kohler, Serif model. About $140 at Home Depot.

Vintage $75 tub gets a new home..

In the mirror you can see reflected theedge of the 22" Sun Tunnel
and the light in the shower/tub area.
The light works, but I was still experimenting with bulb power and type.

Floor pattern of my own making. Turns out the tub edge is curved making cutting of
all those individual tiles the most difficult part.
Otherwise the floor was easier than any of the subway tiles.

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