Friday, March 20, 2009

Pimp My Deere II

Well I just can't stop. I had this old, gray toolbox of Roxy's. While I mounted a toolbox on the left fender, there just wasn't room for some larger items. Here it is painted green and mounted on the right.

I didn't have a good place to put the length of rusty, old chain that every farmer uses to drag stumps, pull things over and move dead animals. The strength of the chain is never known, but it is assumed to be strong enough for any task. It's also awkward and dangerous. I used to keep it in the footwell, but it would snake down and threaten to get caught in the undercarriage. This $5 crab-bait holder (lid removed) is near perfect.

There are many, many grease fittings on a tractor, but no good place to put a messy grease gun. After a long search I found "Grip Fist" from End of the Road. They are beefy, industrial strength and completely overkill for this task; in short, perfect.

Finally, and I do mean finally, I knew I'd gone too far when I mounted these puppies on each side of the ROPS. I had looked high and low for a pair of small metal boxes to mount under the head lamps and above the footrests (behind one's leg when seated). I had given up and thought Rubbermaid must make something in plastic. But when I googled them lo-and-behold I found a near perfect match in stainless steel. What was it? A sanitary napkin disposal bin from their institutional line of products. In the end I went with a competing brand that was slightly smaller. Even so, it didn't fit where I originally intended, and the easiest and almost last space available was on the ROPS where they sit like nacelles; completely ridiculous, of little storage value and evidence that this Deere is pimped-out.

The End.

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