Friday, March 20, 2009

Lamp Project

This was a fun project to knock out in a few days. The lamp head was found on the property and in very poor shape having been on the ground outside for who knows how long. I was really attracted to the shape, the cast parts and the spun aluminum shade. This winter I got an urge to clean it up and so I set about polishing the aluminum shade.

Next I painted the cast housing black. I cleaned and repaired all the interior parts, including fabricating a clear, Lexan disk to keep one from being able to put one's fingers right up into the socket.

I used 1-1/4" EMT tubing to make the stand, wiring a small toggle switch in on the vertical. The base is fabricated from two pieces of 3/4" ply. In keeping with its industrial look, heavy guage SO electrical cable is used.

The bulb had to be very short so as not to hang below the shade. I ended up with a compact 40W spot which casts an intense, narrow, warm beam. Good for reading

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