Friday, January 07, 2005

Still Two Panels Shy of a Roof

Nothing happened on the house between December 20th and today, January 7. It has been dark, wet and near freezing. The house, not being fully enclosed is not the most pleasant place to work. I will confess to some post-holiday reluctance to getting going again. Having spent the holiday in the warm bossom of my parent's home, with lots of hot water, mounds of food, and nothing really to do, I found my return to my dank, fetid, icy hovel of a temporary residence a bit of a shock.

Turning the heat off overnight has meant the house descending to the 45 degree level by morning. I find it is awfully hard to drag my ass out of bed into such a chill.

But today I sucked it up, went out and wired the bathroom. Still, I only worked until 3:30 today when my toes were frozen and my fingertips numb. The forecast is for the cold snap to end after next week. Even so, the entire winter has been relatively dry.

The pumps, water tanks, and filtration equipment have all been ordered from afar and are en route. The doors will be picked up and the exterior ones installed this month. Deck/porch lumber has been ordered and the deck may be truly started this month as well.

I'm still two panels short of a roof. Some say this is also describes me personally. The chimney and vent still leak, but the roofers are convinced that it is water running down from the still open ridge. So the roof will be sealed up in the next week or so, and if it still leaks, then it will have to be reworked in the summer.

The days are getting mercifully longer and in another 45 days we will start seeing signs of spring. I look forward to it more than I do Christmas.

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