Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Roof is On

I would say that my mood is bouyant. Good things are happening daily, nay hourly. Most importantly the days are getting longer, warmer, and drier. If one were going to build a house in the winter in coastal Oregon, this was the year to do it. But even so December and January were mentally challenging. But now it's just a delight to go down and work on the house.

The roof is on. Today the last roof panel was finally put into place. There is still the ridge cap to put on (not an easy task) and one that it is hoped will remove the last two drips of rain in the house (around the vent and chimney pipe).

I calculate that on or about February 8th the sun will once again strike the roof. I expect that the effect will be blinding. Pictures soon.

The doors are here. Last week we went and picked up all 6 of them. The two exterior doors are oiled up and ready to be installed. Pictures soon.

I've been working on the electrical system, and making terrific progress. 400 feet of metal conduit had to be run in the basement and that is nearly complete. Soon I will actually hook it up to the panels.

I am targeting April for move-in.

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