Sunday, October 10, 2004

There is a First Tine for Everything (Photos)

The mist lifted off the Nehalem River Valley to reveal a lovely, fall day. This after downpours yesterday. Despite the tarp over the house more than 3 gallons of water leaked in. I know because I set up a sort of flume to catch water along one seam and funnel it into a 5-gallon bucket.

Jordan and Jason arrived with a truck full of roof pieces that I have referred to as tines, prongs, outriggers, rafter tails and "my crown of thorns". They are what rafter tails might look like if I had them in my roof. But since my roof is all foam, there isn't anything that could stick out to form an eave. That is except the 10" thick panel itself. But I didn't want the house to have the look of a big, thick slab of roof sticking out so I formulated a plan to bolt on these tines and then put another layer of plywood out over them to form a roof that appears to be 1" thick.

Here are links to some pictures to show you what I mean

The house is to be clad in barn wood salvaged from the barn and shop that I tore down last year. I sorted throuh the pile of wood today, but in the process evicted 4 little squirrels. My mom's going to be very upset about that.

Today I had 7 visitors stop by and chat. Yesterday I was indoors and I don't think I talked to anyone all day.