Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Roof of One's Own

Today was a mini-milestone of sorts. The roof, which has many layers, gained another one as the final piece of plywood was set in place.

To give the roof its sleek appearance, there is a layer of plywood that covers the SIP roof and extends 2 feet out in every direction. To support this, what would normally be rafter tails were created out of clear cedar, mounted to clear cedar headers and bolted to the side of the house in 8 foot sections. The Zoeller brothers did a marvelous job. It was more like building furniture than the way a house is normally constructed.

The outside sheets of plywood are "good one side" product called Breckenridge and stained to match the cedar. They are the visible part that overhang. Regular 5/8" ply is used on the rest. We came close to running out, and the last row of infill was a patchwork of remaining pieces.

I now feel the roof is quite leak-proof even though it is only protected by a tarp.

What next? Time to cut some holes in it. 4 skylights, a vent and the chimney. I worked on the chimney today. 20' of double-wall stainless steel that sits on a surprisingly small shelf.

After the holes and their various fixtures are installed, then the roof will be papered and finally the metal roof will be installed. Maybe by Thanksgiving... God willin' and the crick don't rise.

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