Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flood of 2007

In truth this was a great flood; by that I mean we had a great time. Many of us, not here for the '96 flood, now have bragging rights even though we had electricity and warm weather the whole time. And while we did load our cars when rumors of a crest of 2-feet above '96 circulated; and while we were locked in by two flooded bridges; and while we could only call locally, in the end the water reached 6" to a foot below '96 and no one was hurt.

Auerhaus had a great view of the proceedings and virtually ever neighbor dropped in to have a look. It was a busy, festive day.

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  1. I wonder that you loaded your car. Where did you think you might go had the water risen higher? Better to have packed your back pack with camping gear, ready to climb to the hill above your house. Luckily the whole dilemma was moot. I think I can get out to the lower field today, I want to see if my fences survived.

  2. People should read this.