Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting Up

I don't like heights. Well, not heights so much as edges. So when the time arrived for me to put the ceiling in I was a bit hesitant. I'm also not one who has any interest in overcoming my fears. I didn't think of this as a character building exercise. Thus, in the photo you will see essentially a second (and third) floor scaffold created to reduce the sense of exposure. The first level is 10 feet in the air. The second is 3 feet above that, enabling me to reach the top at just over 20 feet.

I have new appreciation for the Sistine Chapel. All the planks are official, OSHA-stamped scaffolding planks, but they are a little bouncy. I did put one up on short blocks and bounce up and down on it before I trusted them in place.

The best thing is it signifies near completion. Setting up the scaffolding is time consuming. And in addition to the ceiling there is painting, and the window trim. I estimate completion early next year.

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