Saturday, October 29, 2005

Solar Power: Step 78

Step-by-step, one small piece at a time the system comes together. The special quick connects came in, but one wire ended up too short, and so I have another on order. Nonetheless, the panels all were producing 70 volts per series pair. They are now wired into the DC breaker panel.

The panels covered for safety. There is no way to turn them off, so
when the sun shines they are "hot" and can potentially cause a shock.

I needed help to raise the panels and put the legs on. In theory, they will not have to be touched for 20 or more years. Panels are quite inefficient converting only about 10% of the power that hits the panel. In 20 years I'll bet 2 panels of this size will replace the 10 I have now.

The panels up and working.

Inside the electrical shed work continues. The inverter weight 66 pounds. I had to build a shelf to place it on while I bolted it to the wall. All that remains, I think, is one solar panel connector, two battery cables and wiring it into the AC side.

The inverter (left) installed, and awaiting twocables coming from
Apache Junction, Arizona.

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