Thursday, October 05, 2006

Road to Somewhere

Until now I had to bring hay out of my field through my neighbor's field. Even to get my tractor down to mow or do other maintenance or restoration meant a big detour next door. I'd planned to have the road meander down from the old trailer site. In fact across the back corner. Now, with the trailer gone, the next step could be taken.

Joe makes fast progress on his new D5.

Joe, a local heavy equipment operator was doing work for others in my area and agreed to do my road. We had walked and bushwhacked through the dense undergrowth, but that was months ago, I hadn't flagged it and he couldn't remember the route. While he started up top, I ran down and started placing some flags working my way back north. No sooner had I started than I heard the Cat roaring back and forth through the brush in front of me. Joe had made up the ground in no time. Fearing I might be run over, I waved the fluorescent pink ribbon over my head and ran for the nearby wooded area.

The road's path.

Six hours later a road emerges. It will be seasonal access only with no gravel. The driveway at this end of the property is flatter with less of a grade. It also keeps farm activity away from the house.

The completed road is used mostly by deer right now.

The cleared area is quite wide. Very wide in places, but it will grow back to a 12-foot wide road with about 6-feet on either side to keep some "defensible space" from the blackberry and rose bushes.

Joe places fill over the culverts.

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