Friday, October 06, 2006

Fit & Trim

I hate putting up trim. That is, I thought I hated it. I'd hated it before and I had procrastinated doing it all summer. But with the extended good weather I had run out of reasons not to tackle it. A big difference this time was that I would have to "make" the trim from salvaged, rough boards. As it turns out these turned out to be mostly old cedar. It was a pleasure to run the boards through the planer and 1/16th at a time watch them emerge as beautiful planks. It was sunny and downright hot and the air was filled with cedar dust and chips and scent. Even after 50 years old cedar still retains its distinctive aroma.

Finished cedar sits ready for selection next to similar boards used for siding.

The planks were planed to 7/8" thick and 3-3/4" wide and finished with linseed oil.

Trim adds the finishing touch.

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