Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pimp My Deere

Every farmer needs a cool ride with some personal touches

I painted the fire extinguisher JD green and mounted on the left.

This found item is apparently a motorcycle repair
kit housing. Painted green and mounted right.

There is NO storage space on a stock compact tractor, but having
spare parts when down in the field can save a long walk. This
was the smallest box I could yellow.

The stock lights suck. These are awesome. Killed
the old battery with them. Rear facing ones are great for reverse
and night backhoe work. Night backhoe work?

Finding room on and under the tiny dash for the switches and relays
was a challenge. Lights are integrated into the stock lighting circuit.

Dual water bottles and a first-aid kit.

Added a 12-volt outlet just for the hell of it.

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