Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just Venting

I thought I needed a venting system for the stove, but it turns out not to be a requirement. Some pet peeves about kitchen vent fans:
  • Noisy
  • Obtrusive
  • Noisy
This one is custom made. The grill is from Detroit or someplace, and the frame by my local stainless shop. The fan is a Panasonic 350 CFM. The thing is slim, elegant, and quiet as a snoring mouse, but under some or all conditions it will reverse the stove venting and suck smoke into the house. Oops. I think it will be fine in the summer, when I need it to remove the heat and the doors are open. Even in the winter, as long as there is a good fire going it works well.

Frame held in place while I figure out how to drill through stainless steel. Cobalt.

Like all Panasonic fans, smooth and whisper quiet. Shown on temporary risers that
will be replaced by 2010.

My first duct work.

Finished product.

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