Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Clean Water

Today I found out that my water tested potable. I'd been drinking it for a week anyway, after having shock treated the lines with chlorine and then activated the UV light. You've got to have faith.

Always willing to try new suppliers, I chose Coffey Labs in Portland lab instead of the usual one used around here, Alexin. Maybe Coffey is used to dealing with professionals who don't need a lot of hand holding, but if they are going for home testers, they need some work. First they forgot to send my bottles, and I had to email and remind them a week later. Then the test bottles they sent came in a makeshift box, with a foam liner. No testing protocols were given, other than to keep the samples chilled in ice during the trip back. They didn't even include a return address label.

Despite all this, I managed to get my samples double-bagged and sent overnight, apparently without leaking, and arriving at the required temperature.

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