Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hosed (photo)

The pumps and filters are all installed. This photo doesn't quite capture how spiffy the whole thing looks.

From right to left:

1. Water comes in from a 300 gallon holding tank that catches water off the roof. It is filtered by a 5 micron filter.

2. The water is then pumped back out and uphill to 3000 gallons of storage by a special, low-power Dankoff Slow Pump.

3. Water returns from the tanks and goes through a 1 micron filter.

4. The water is pressurized for household use (ah, I can almost feel the rush of a real shower again), by a very cool Grundfos integrated pump and pressure tank.

5. Finally, the passes through the Trojan UV light to kill anything left in the water. The blue box is the controller for the UV light.

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